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Chicago Catholic School Directory

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Academy of St. Benedict The African
6020 S. Laflin Street
Chicago, IL 60636

Phone Number: 773-776-3316

Annunciata School
3750 E. 112th Street
Chicago, IL 60617

Phone Number: 773-375-5711

St. Agnes of Bohemia School
2643 S. Central Park Avenue
Chicago, IL 60623

Phone Number: 773-522-0143

St. Ailbe School
9037 S. Harper Avenue
Chicago, IL 60619

Phone Number: 773-734-1386

St. Angela School
1332 N. Massasoit Avenue
Chicago, IL 60651

Phone Number: 773-626-2655

St. Ann School
2211 W. 18th Place
Chicago, IL 60608

Phone Number: 312-829-4153

Augustus Tolton Academy
7120 S. Calumet Avenue
Chicago, IL 60619

Phone Number: 773-224-3811


St. Barbara Catholic School
2867 S. Throop Street
Chicago, IL 60608

Phone Number: 312-326-6243

St. Bartholomew School
4941 W. Patterson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60641

Phone Number: 773-282-9373

St. Bede the Venerable School
4440 W. 83rd Street
Chicago, IL 60652

Phone Number: 773-884-2020

Bridgeport Catholic Academy
3700 S. Lowe Avenue
Chicago, IL 60609

Phone Number: 773-376-6223

St. Bruno School
4839 S. Harding Avenue
Chicago, IL 60632

Phone Number: 773-847-0697


St. Catherine of Siena / St. Lucy School
27 Washington Boulevard
Oak Park, IL 60302

Phone Number: 708-386-5286

Children of Peace School
1900 W. Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60612

Phone Number: 312-243-8186

St. Constance School
5841 W. Strong Street
Chicago, IL 60630

Phone Number: 773-283-2311


Epiphany Catholic School
4223 W. 25th Street
Chicago, IL 60623

Phone Number: 773-762-1542

St. Ethelreda School
8734 S. Paulina Street
Chicago, IL 60620

Phone Number: 773-238-1757


St. Ferdinand School
3131 N. Mason Ave.
Chicago, IL 60634

Phone Number: 773-622-3022


St. Gabriel School
4500 S. Wallace Street
Chicago, IL 60609

Phone Number: 773-268-6636

St. Gall School
5515 S. Sawyer Avenue
Chicago, IL 60629

Phone Number: 773-737-3454

St. Genevieve School
4854 W. Montana Street
Chicago, IL 60639

Phone Number: 773-237-7131


St. Helen School
2347 W. Augusta Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60622

Phone Number: 773-486-1055

St. Hilary School
5614 N. Fairfield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659

Phone Number: 773-561-5885

Holy Angels School
750 E. 40th Street
Chicago, IL 60653

Phone Number: 773-624-0727


Immaculate Conception School
8739 S. Exchange
Chicago, IL 60617

Phone Number: 773-375-4674


St. John Berchmans School
2511 W. Logan Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60647

Phone Number: 773-486-1334

St. John de la Salle Catholic Academy
10212 S. Vernon Avenue
Chicago, IL 60628

Phone Number: 773-785-2331


Leo High School
7901 S. Sangamon Street
Chicago, IL 60620

Santa Lucia School
3017 S. Wells Street
Chicago, IL 60616

Phone Number: 312-326-1839


St. Malachy School
2252 W. Washington Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60612

Phone Number: 312-733-2252

St. Margaret of Scotland School
9834 S. Throop Street
Chicago, IL 60644

Phone Number: 773-238-1088

St. Mary of the Angels School
1810 N. Hermitage Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

Phone Number: 773-486-0119

St. Mary of the Lake School
1026 W. Buena Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613

Phone Number: 773-281-0018

St. Mary Star of the Sea School
6424 S. Kenneth Avenue
Chicago, IL 60629

Phone Number: 773-767-6160

Maternity BVM School
1537 N. Lawndale Avenue
Chicago, IL 60651

Phone Number: 773-227-1140

St. Matthias School
4910 N. Claremont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625

Phone Number: 773-784-0999

St. Michael School
8231 S. South Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60617

Phone Number: 773-221-0212

Most Blessed Trinity Academy
510 Grand Ave.
Waukegan, IL 60085

Phone Number: 847-623-4110


St. Nicholas Cathedral School
2200 W. Rice Street
Chicago, IL 60622

Phone Number: 773-384-7243

St. Nicholas of Tolentine School
3741 W. 62nd Street
Chicago, IL 60629

Phone Number: 773-735-0772

Northside Catholic Academy
6216 N. Glenwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60660

Phone Number: 773-743-6277

Northside Catholic Academy
7318 N Oakley Ave
Chicago, IL 60645

Phone Number: 773-743-6277


Our Lady of Grace School
2446 N. Ridgeway Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

Phone Number: 773-342-0170

Our Lady of Guadalupe School
9050 S. Burley Avenue
Chicago, IL 60617

Phone Number: 773-768-0999

Our Lady of Tepeyac Elementary School
2235 S. Albany Avenue
Chicago, IL 60623

Phone Number: 773-522-0024

Our Lady of the Snows Catholic School
4810 S. Leamington Avenue
Chicago, IL 60638

Phone Number: 773-735-4810


St. Philip Neri School
2110 E. 72nd Street
Chicago, IL 60649

Phone Number: 773-288-1138

St. Pius V School
1919 S. Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

Phone Number: 312-226-1590

Pope John Paul II Catholic School
4325 S. Richmond Street
Chicago, IL 60632

Phone Number: 773-523-6161

St. Procopius School
1625 S. Allport Street
Chicago, IL 60608

Phone Number: 312-421-5135


Queen of the Universe School
7130 S. Hamlin Ave.
Chicago, IL 60629

Phone Number: 773-582-4266


St. Richard School
5025 S. Kenneth
Chicago, IL 60632

Phone Number: 773-582-8083


St. Sabina Academy
7801 S. Throop Street
Chicago, IL 60620

Phone Number: 773-483-5000

Sacred Heart School
2906 E. 96th Street
Chicago, IL 60617

Phone Number: 773-768-3728

San Miguel School
1949 W. 48th Street
Chicago, IL 60609

Phone Number: 773-890-1481

St. Stanislaus Kostka
1255 N Noble Street
Chicago, IL 60642

Phone Number: 773-278-4560

St. Sylvester School
3027 W Palmer Square
Chicago, IL 60647

Phone Number: 773-772-5222

St. Symphorosa School
6125 S. Austin Avenue
Chicago, IL 60638

Phone Number: 773-585-6888


St. Therese Chinese School
247 W. 23rd Street
Chicago, IL 60616

Phone Number: 312-326-2837

St. Thomas of Canterbury School
4827 N. Kenmore Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640

Phone Number: 773-271-8655 

St. Thomas the Apostle School
5467 S. Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60615

Phone Number: 773-667-1142


St. Viator School
4140 W. Addison
Chicago, IL 60641

Phone Number: 773-545-2173

Visitation School
900 W. Garfield Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60609

Phone Number: 773-373-5200


St. Walter School
11741 S. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643

Phone Number: 773-445-8850

St. William School
2559 N. Sayre Avenue
Chicago, IL 60707

Phone Number: 773-637-5130