Finding the Right Fit: A Catholic Education Guide Part 2: Mastering the School Visit

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Finding the Right Fit: A Catholic Education Guide Part 2: Mastering the School Visit

Part one in this series explored the best way to start your school search process. In part two, we will dive a bit deeper on how to have a successful school visit.

 Below is a checklist of questions that you can bring with you to help you assess whether a school is the right choice for your child.

  • School mission and philosophy – How does the school approach educating its students? Does the school have a particular focus- e.g. Arts or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math?)
  • Student teacher ratio -How many students are in each classroom? Will the teacher have time to work with my child and differentiate instruction?
  • School atmosphere – How do you feel as soon as you walk into the building?
  • Technology – What technology does the school offer to its students?
  • Communication – How does the school communicate with parents and how often?
  • Activities – What are the extracurricular activities offered to students?
  • Results – What standardized tests do students take and how do the results compare to the national average?
  • Graduation – What is the graduation rate? Where do students typically attend high school? Do they usually receive scholarships? How many are accepted into their first choice school?
  • Enrollment – What are the school deadlines for applying?
  • Tuition – what is the tuition and are there extra charges above the tuition? Does the school offer financial assistance? What are the deadlines to apply for financial aid or scholarships?
  • Before and after school care – Does the school have options for working parents?
  • Community – what is the school community like? What are the events the school holds for families throughout the year?

Also consider asking to speak to a current parent.  This is a great way to learn more about what the school offers.

 Choosing the right school can seem daunting at first, but by staying organized and using our tracking form, you can confidently master the search process.

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